Combination Sets

Included on this page are select sets that can be associated with one another typically by geographic location.
Sidescan Combo -- Big Sandy North & South
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This data set includes all the sidescan data available for the Big Sandy embayment of Kentucky Lake. Over 7000 acres of high resolution topographic and sidescan data is included. You save $15.00 by purchasing as a set.
Sidescan Combo -- East Side Bays North & South
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This data includes a Sidescan combination set of the "Kentucky Lake Northeast" and the "East Side Bays South" area of Kentucky Lake.

**Note** The "south" portion is primarily in the state of Tennessee.

The bays included from north to south are Smith, Duncan, Sugar, Higgins, Rhodes, Savells, Vickers, and Barnett, with Rushing, Ginger, Clay, Tischel, Byrd, Hughes, and Panther making up the Tennessee portion.

Cost savings are available when purchased as a set.